Kingsbridge and Carter was conceived by 2 individuals with unprecedented knowledge of UK Property and International Investment markets, who wish to share their knowledge with a wider network of like-minded investors. Between them they have over 25 years experience in the Real Estate and Financial sectors and have prospered greatly from both the boom and bust periods that markets have experienced over the past 12 years.

Nick Statman

Owner of 9 large companies within the Real Estate, Investment and Development Sectors.Nick has been trading property since 2001 and is the Owner of one of the UK’s leading Residential Property Buying Companies. He recently successfully franchised one of his core businesses and has built a network of over 60 territories in the UK successfully buying residential property from motivated sellers.

Nick has found that the recession and subsequent economic downturn have created a wealth of opportunity and has therefore expanded his core businesses.

Nick has successfully bought, sold and developed thousands of properties. Nick now owns a property portfolio of nearly 200 residential and commercial properties valued at almost £20m, built up over a short period of just 7 years. He understands the value of retaining these assets irrespective of market conditions as these are income producing assets that create Nick a fantastic passive income and will continue to do so.

Oliver Barber

With 12 years experience of guiding private clients through the financial markets, Oliver has managed to grow client’s assets through good times and bad.

Having successfully predicted both the commodities boom in 2004 and the recent financial crisis in 2007, Oliver has become synonymous with accurately forecasting tomorrow’s financial trends.

Working in both the UK and Singapore, he recently oversaw US$100m of private client wealth and has a proven track record of investing in the right sectors at the right time.

Oliver is currently investing heavily in UK property and has recently predicted that 2012 will mark the beginning of a new 12-14 year bull market for UK residential property.